Kathleen Newman


    "Anything under the sun is beautiful if you have the vision - it is the seeing of the thing that makes it so."   Charles Hawthorne on painting


Using oil or pastel, my paintings are both a representation of the outside world and a reflection of my inner response to its beauty, in particular a mood of calm that I most often experience during late afternoon and early evening light.  With practice, like meditation, I focus during the process of painting and through painting, Nature has taught me to see.  The ability to see and simplify, to organize the value patterns, shapes, edges and color is a never ending course of study.  As an artist, I hope to experience and then recreate this mood, this vision through paint and brush and possibly invoke a spark of recognition in the viewer as well.


Kathleen studied at Chicago's American Academy of Art, The School of the Art Institute and has earned signature status in the Pastel Society of America, American Society of Marine Artists and American Transparent Watercolor Society.